Programme Structure

In today’s competitive job market, an MBA can help propel your career towards a top management position. On average, MBA graduates earn at least 50 percent more than those with bachelor’s degrees according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics The UMT MBA degree offers students a professional degree that prepares them to manage business and nonprofit enterprises.

General MBA
(3 credits each)

Mgt 201. Effective Communications and Soft Skills

Mgt 202. Business Law and Ethics

Mgt 210. Quantitative Methods for Decision-making

Mgt 215. Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Mgt 220. Information Technology

Mgt 230. Leadership and Organizations

Mgt 240. Marketing and Sales

Mgt 245. Technological Entrepreneurship

MGT 250 Project Management

Mgt 251. Planning & Control

Mgt 254. Contracts and Procurement

Mgt 280. Finance

Mgt 281. Accounting

Mgt 285. Economics

Mgt 299. Business Policy