About Us

Global Institute of Management (GIM)

The establishment of the institute is based on two concepts; one of which is to enhance the quality of Hong Kong management staff. In an era of rapid change, the continuous expansion of corporations’ structures, the advancements in information technologies and the increasing complex business operations and management, which require employees to not only continuously learn new knowledge but also compelled to accept the new ideas so as to cope with the highly competitive commercial society. For enterprises, for the sake of sustaining competitive advantages and developing core competencies, it must have a distinguished team of senior management executives.

The Global Institute of Management is precisely established to meet this need. It aims to work through systematic management education and professional qualification training to achieve students’ self-enhancement and form high quality management personnel for enterprises. At the same time, the Global Institute of Management also offers professional consulting services for the enterprises to generate innovative thinking, contingency strategies and broaden companies’ horizon.

The second concept of which Global Institute of Management was founded on is to promote the exchange of academic culture and quality management between the West and China. Under the globalization of knowledge integration, Global Institute of Management believe that the future management and teaching policy must be  combined, modern teaching methods with traditional Chinese wisdom, in order to meet the future business community needs. Therefore, the institute cooperates with the world’s renowned universities, various multinational corporations and government departments extensively, brainstorming through the Global Institute of Management to encourage the interchange of Chinese and Western academics and quality management.